Peculiar Perceptions of Passion

Apologies my friends, I have been swamped with work for the past couple of weeks so haven’t had the chance to write/post anything. But what I’m about to present to you here is a piece I’ve been meaning to write for a few weeks now. Here goes –

I feel that I’ve known this for many years now. Although, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that it finally hit me. I was sitting in a cozy coffee shop with a friend; sipping on a refreshing iced caramel latté, nibbling on a square of gooey brownie, indulging in choice philosophical discussions.Read More »

The Need for Social Acceptance

Just a disclaimer that this blurb you’re about to read is a lot lighter than what I’ve previously been writing on this blog. Enjoy!

So if any of you know me on a personal level, you would know that I lack a sense of public shame. Whether it’s bursting into song, breaking into dance, or just yelling the names of my friends from the opposite end of an atrium, I have close to no reservations. And it always bums me out to see the people around me feel embarrassed or self-conscious by my behaviour (which is essentially every time). Phrases such as “oh my god, the people behind us are looking at you!” or “STOP! You’re so embarrassing”, are as familiar to me as the sound of my very own breathing. Thus I present to you today, my rant on the need for social acceptance!Read More »