Double-Edged Sword – A Venting Session

Ironic, isn’t it? A hunger to be consumed.

I find my nose buried in books less frequently than in past years.

In fact, my mind regularly finds itself flourishing in enamouring conversations, eyes glistening with passion and conviction have me drowning in beautiful words and teachings.

I haven’t written much lately either, as the more of these intoxicating conversations I have, the more I find my own thoughts muddled, and frankly, a bit lost.

Who? What? When? Where? How? WHY?

It is a double-edged sword, this fascination of mine.Read More »

Karma vs. Destiny

Good food, good company, good conversations. In my humble opinion, that is one of the finest combinations of indulgence that life has to offer. And I was extremely fortunate to be partaking in that very tango of goodness when the following realization took place.

This happened a few months back actually, a friend and I were enjoying some delicious food at The Works. I can’t remember exactly now, but if I were to put in a good guess, I was probably chowing down on a side-order of poutine and a regular-sized 2001 Shake Odyssey milkshake. My friend was probably eating one of their burger combos with some sort of soft drink, or a milkshake. Or maybe even some escargot, you can’t be too sure with a memory like mine. During this dinner, my friend brought up an extremely interesting point –Read More »

Story Time

What did I do after work? Well- I worked out, I ate dinner, then I went Pokémon hunting (Pokémon Go has taken over my life for the past couple of days).

It was all good, I caught a Beedrill near my house and I was walking towards a park where I saw two Pokéstops. Man, one of them even had a lure on it, plus I had my incense on. So according to that, I should have been attracting these wild Pokèmon like bees to honey (not the case). Also, I had a couple of eggs in the incubator, so I was walking around to hatch them. You know, living out my childhood dream of becoming a Pokémon master.

Well you see, it all started when I was about four –

Wait! Wait! Don’t leave yet! That’s not even the point of the story! I’m just leading up to the good part, hang in there! Read More »