Ever Have One of Those?

Excuse me,

Is it alright if I join you?


By all means, join me.

Please, I could really use an engaging conversation.

If I continue to talk to myself,

I’m going to drive myself up the wall.

The people around me probably think I’m bonkers,

I don’t blame them.

But fortunately, you’ve just entered.

You’ve missed my maniacal solo laughter,

My mutterings and musings.

I could use the distraction from myself.

I am getting quite bothersome, you see.

Thinking about the same things day in and day out,

Whenever opportunity finds me alone.

But opportunity is getting up to leave now,

As you are entering.

So please, come and sit.

Let’s talk about the things that regular people converse about.


I smile and nod.

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