Story Time

What did I do after work? Well- I worked out, I ate dinner, then I went Pokémon hunting (Pokémon Go has taken over my life for the past couple of days).

It was all good, I caught a Beedrill near my house and I was walking towards a park where I saw two Pokéstops. Man, one of them even had a lure on it, plus I had my incense on. So according to that, I should have been attracting these wild Pokèmon like bees to honey (not the case). Also, I had a couple of eggs in the incubator, so I was walking around to hatch them. You know, living out my childhood dream of becoming a Pokémon master.

Well you see, it all started when I was about four –

Wait! Wait! Don’t leave yet! That’s not even the point of the story! I’m just leading up to the good part, hang in there! 

Okay, you know what, I almost went on a tangent there about my history with Pokémon, let me get back on track.

Alright, so about thirty minutes before I left on my Pokémon adventure, cats & dogs were falling from the sky outside (by which I mean, it was raining a lot). But that had only lasted about 10 minutes, and the sun had quite visibly broken through the clouds. Not even. The sun had somewhat broken up the clouds themselves, so it seemed like perfectly acceptable weather for a stroll.

If you go back and read a few paragraphs up, you will be reminded of the lovely stroll I was having, being the notorious Pokémon master that I am. Then suddenly – sprinkles. Alas! Rain was starting up once more. But being the optimist that I am, I noticed that the clouds were still a bit scattered, so I figured it would sprinkle for a bit and fade away just as it came. But mostly, this was my last Pokémon incense and it had a whopping 20 minutes left on it that I was not going to waste by going back home.

I can tell you guys with certainty, that I stayed the heck outside for those whopping 20 minutes. But that whole spiel about that rainy drizzle fading away?

Oh I was wrong.

I was so wrong.

So my stubborn self began to head in the direction of my home when the rain really started to pick up. I was very irritably squinting through my blurry spectacles, wondering why no one has invented mini windshield wipers for them yet. But then I figured how odd and chunky they would look. And then I thought they might make an interesting fashion statement. So in conclusion, if you make them, I will buy them.

It’s funny because minutes before this whole scene, I came across a puddle that I was THIS close to jumping into (because I saw a very touching anime recently that inspired me to start living in the moment and doing whatever the heck I want. I realize how corny that sounds. But like, if you haven’t seen it, don’t even bother having an opinion on this matter *insert various sassy hand movements*). And then I figured that I really did not want to get wet, so I kind of just dipped my shoes in and walked away chuckling at myself. It felt nice.

And now, as I was grumbling to myself whilst dragging myself home through this downpour, I was sure to include some grumbling about how I should have just dived face first into that puddle. At that point, it also finally occurred to me to take my spectacles off. Then suddenly, it registered – THE SUN IS STILL SHINING.

I looked up and my grumbling transformed into awe. There was gold, gold everywhere! The sun was getting ready for setting, and it cast a beautiful golden glow in front of me, on the road, through the trees. Because where the sun was, there weren’t many clouds, so the colour completely illuminated the sky. Then I looked behind me only to find a rainbow sprawled across a cloudy sky. And if you think a rainbow looks good on a blue sky, you haven’t seen the contrast it has against a soft, gray background. Goodness gracious! All the while, rain was pouring down on me.

Everything changed. This became one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Suddenly, I was grinning ear to ear. The only person walking on the road, cars very scarce, it felt like something straight out of a movie. And if you must ask, yes, I totally did that thing where you spread your arms out, tilt your head up, close your eyes, and feel the rain pour all over you. And yes, it did indeed feel as good as it looks in the movies, if not better.

This gave “cleansing” a whole new meaning for me. This was a spa for the soul, a moment of complete euphoria. I realized how beautiful the world truly is, and how painfully easy it is to take it for granted.

I was almost back home at this point, to my displeasure. And with the bit of ‘basic’ in me, I pulled out my phone and made a Snapchat. Just as I finished, I heard a honk and my mom was in our car just about to pull out of the garage to find me in the rain and drag my dripping bum back home (it seemed I had missed a few phone calls). I put on my biggest grin and pranced her way for two reasons: a) I was genuinely feeling that euphoric, b) she wouldn’t go hard on me if she saw me all happy. And it worked.

Then I took a nice hot shower and found myself in bed writing this. Although, you will be seeing this post the next day, as it is a bit late at night right now.

You know how they say that a change of perspective, or a change in lens, can completely evolve your entire life? Well, it’s true. All I had to do was to take off my glasses.

Why don’t you try taking off yours?






P.S. For anyone who’s interested, the anime I’m referring to is called “Your Lie in April”. It’s on Netflix, that too in English, so you don’t have to read through subtitles (just change the language once you press play). 22 episodes, approx. 20 minutes each. Now that I’ve told you all this, you are sworn in oath to TALK TO ME if you watch it. Because so.much.emotion.

P.P.S. The picture here does no justice to the actual view.

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