Just Trying – Spoken Word


I’m just trying to create beautiful worlds out of beautiful words.
I’m just trying to uncover the epiphanies that need to be heard.
I’m just trying to keep my child-like curiosity alive,
searching for wisdom in the most abstract parts of our lives.

I’m just trying to meet with my friend wonder,
more than I meet with lethargy.
Because lethargy is that relative that you meet with just because they are your relative, and no reason more.
But wonder is the reason your glistening eyes often walk out the door.

I’m just trying to notice the small things more than before.
Yes little flower on my lawn,
you are beautiful,
you are vibrant,
you are lively.
And you teach me of perseverance.
Because unlike many of us,
you use the cloudy and rainy days to allow yourself to grow,
rather than to bog you down.
And for that, you inspire me.

I’m just trying to love what I see,
Instead of just trying to see what I love.
Because if I always love what I see,
Then I will never have to try to see what I love.

You see?
I’m just trying.
I’m not doing much.
Reaching out into thin air,
searching for some tenderness to touch.

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