Objectivity, A Fallacy

If you would cease to exist
Even for five seconds,
For those five seconds,
Everything you know to be real
Would cease to exist as well.
You may disagree and say,
“No, things shall continue as they always have”.
But how do you know that for sure,
When you yourself are not there to witness them?

What is a ‘fact’?
Something known to be real, without a trace of doubt.
Well then, why was it ‘fact’ many, many years ago that the Earth was flat?
Observe history and you will see,
Fact in nothing but a fallacy.
It is a source of comfort and convenience.
That there is something that we know,
Something that we can be sure of.
Because human beings are so afraid of the unknown and of ambiguity.
But do we really know anything at all,
When everything we ’know’ is subjective to our lives?
To the way we perceive things are?

I was talking to a friend about psychopaths the other day.
She brought up an interesting point –
What if psychopaths are just another breed of human?
Who are we to say with conviction that they are bad or wrong?
It is evident that they perceive the world differently than most of us do,
But who is to determine which perception is correct?

Now allow me to make my main point.
Allow me to now answer my first question:
Because once you come back from those five seconds,
you will see things progressing normally
As they always have.
People will tell you, that
“No, so-and-so, the universe did not stop existing while you were briefly gone.”
In fact, people may even start to question your sanity after you ask such a ridiculous question.

But here’s the catch:
These are all people part of your life.
Even the people you see walking on the street,
They are still a part of your life regardless of whether or not you actually interact with them.
Everything you know, everything you don’t know yet, everything you experience, everything you feel –
You do so in the realm of your existence.
What gives your existence so much credibility as to proclaim everything you know to be real?

My point is:
Nothing is for sure.

Or is everything for sure?

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