The Forgotten Sense

Ironic how emptiness is such a heavy feeling.

How my eyes convey

what your tongue has been concealing.

These laws of the Earth are of no use to us (like gravity).

You lie beyond this physical realm, in great disparity.

I yearn to know,

why is it that we experience the same things differently?

I see a chair, while you see vacancy.

I hear an ocean; & you, whispered pleas.

Although you are I, and I am me.

I am myself, and you are me.

We are we.

I touch, taste, see, hear, smell.

But you feel.

We are both parts of one whole,

aspiring to create one whole.

I’m just tryna reach new levels,

this physical realm has too created many holes.




Description: This poem is an internal conversation I am having about how my five sense experience things differently than my “forgotten sense” (emotion), and how they interact with one another. Coming to the conclusion that my five senses are merely surface level and this forgotten sense uncovers a whole new depth to my self.

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