The Need for Social Acceptance

Just a disclaimer that this blurb you’re about to read is a lot lighter than what I’ve previously been writing on this blog. Enjoy!

So if any of you know me on a personal level, you would know that I lack a sense of public shame. Whether it’s bursting into song, breaking into dance, or just yelling the names of my friends from the opposite end of an atrium, I have close to no reservations. And it always bums me out to see the people around me feel embarrassed or self-conscious by my behaviour (which is essentially every time). Phrases such as “oh my god, the people behind us are looking at you!” or “STOP! You’re so embarrassing”, are as familiar to me as the sound of my very own breathing. Thus I present to you today, my rant on the need for social acceptance!

I’m going to get straight to the point – people care too much about the opinion of others, and most of all, strangers! The way I see it, as long as you’re not harming anyone, you should be able to do anything you damn well please. Go ahead in the restaurant and do that little arm dance thing you love to do, go post super ugly snapchats of yourself as your story, go talk to random people on the street; do it all! It truly bugs me to see people supress their inner spirit merely due to their fear of judgement or their consideration of societal norms. Norms are for dingdongs. When was the last time you saw someone stand out because they excelled at fitting in? It’s a contradiction. People stand out for being different. And being yourself is the most genuine kind of different there is (it’s a cliché, but it’s true), considering that we currently live in a world that values social acceptance and conformity.

As a matter of fact, I had a friend in high school who always shared stories with me about how she made new friends in all sorts of interesting ways and places. One day I asked her, “how can you just approach people like that in all these public places? Isn’t it weird? Awkward? Scary?” And what she said back is what gave me this life-changing epiphany on public embarrassment. And I feel like it’s something worth sharing with you all. She told me, “I mean, who really cares Nandani? The chance of you seeing these people again is close to zero. And if things don’t work out, you’ll actually be giving them a story to tell their friends. If it does work out, you’d have made a new friend. You honestly have nothing to lose. Besides, it’s not like you want condescending, judgemental people in your life anyways.” My God, my mind was blown to absolute, miniscule pieces! She was right! Why do we all care so much about what strangers think of us? People who mean absolutely nothing to us? The only relevance they have is that they’re physically present at the same place we are. Why should they be able to come in the way of our self-expression, our free spirits, our inner awesomeness? They shouldn’t – absolutely, positively, not!

So my dear friends, the next time you hear your favourite song playing in the mall, please dance along, sing along, do whatever your heart desires. Don’t let mere strangers cramp that impeccable style that I know you all have. Be yourself, and be yourself to the fullest extent!

Lots of love!


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