Selection was never my strong suit and this is not the first time I’ve come across the likes of you, only you caused me an internal calamity.

Essentially optimistic, I always believed in the innate goodness of people and that’s exactly what I chose to see.

Little did I know that goodness had a buy one get one free deal with convenience as well as a potential for personal gain.

Friendships built on foundations of social acceptance rather than emotional fulfillment and affection tore through my curtain of oblivion and into my current pain.

Intimate conversations were duplicated to the multitudes as a cry for sympathy & attention, and in return depleted the depth of our amity.

So now when I’m asked whether people are innately good or innately evil, I’d have to say neither.

Have a look at this acronym to see my redesigned deduction of humanity.






Description: this entire poem is an acronym spelling out the word “SELFISH” and tells the story of how I came to the conclusion that people are neither innately good nor evil.

One thought on “Naïvety

  1. Both/ neither. Works that way too. I don’t believe something has to happen to someone for them to be who they are and what they presume to be. That gives evil and good too much credit for these choices of men.


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