The true nature of this three-part poem can be understood further once you know where these three pictures were taken. And these pictures were taken in India, in a holy sanctuary. 

Shadows Pt |

Different depths, darknesses & dimensions.
Parts of me splattered with no sense of retention
As they blindly try to follow the paths of light.
It seems that I have never been able to keep it together.
Exactly why I often found myself wondering whether
People could exist as complete beings;
Whether we should just be called “human fleeings”,
As parts of us are able to escape us so casually
In their mindless pursuit of anything bright.
We project our own hollow darknesses
Onto these sources of light.

Shadows Pt ||

I am every where but with me.
Parts of me ironically searching for completion separately.
It seems my pursuit has found an epiphany –
That we all sustain internal lights and we fail to see
This place, to rest all of our wandering shadows,
Which consistently escape with our aimless pleas
For redemption, fulfillment, and enlightenment.
A place where we can achieve internal consummation at last.
And we can stop wandering towards other illuminations
Because we’ll have our own to cast.
I’m going in.

Shadows Pt |||

Solemn, succinct, serene.
I have lost a sense of want,
Now that I have attained what I need.
I have found the very essence of creation,
The entire universe, inside a mere me.
A deeper understanding not of who I am,
But what we all can be.
I have stopped looking outside,
For the outside is fickle and vain.
Inside have I found true discovery
Washing over me like pouring rain.
Without a sense of fear, yearning, or desire to feed.
Shadows escape me no more.
I have lost a sense of want,
Now that I have attained what I need.

One thought on “Shadows

  1. Your Shadows are indeed very enlightening, Nandini!
    You have been gifted with a deep and soulsearching mind and the ability to reflect it through the right usage of expression makes you very special.
    I wish you all the best and hope you will continue your endeavors.


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