On Defining Love

I had actually written this blurb a while back, but figured that it would be fitting for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Also thought it would set a positive, warm tone for the rest of my blog as my first post.

I recently Googled the definition of love and the first thing to pop up was “an intense feeling of deep affection”, which I found was no where near sufficient to the actual meaning of love (or at least my perception of it). Hence, I had been inspired to attempt to write out my own definition of love, as it is also a highly debated and controversial topic.

Here goes!

Alright, so in my opinion, love is when another entity becomes more important to you than your very self.

A fairly simple definition, but a truly poetic one once you look into what it entails. What I mean is that the best interests of the object of your love matter more to you than your own welfare. You are not only willing, but in fact happy, to make any sacrifices necessary for the betterment of the object of your love without any regard to the consequences that you yourself may face (of course, you personally wouldn’t see these as sacrifices). In other words, love is utter and complete selflessness towards another entity and it is unconditional. And to bring it back full circle – love is when another entity becomes more important to you than your very self.

Now, I would like to emphasize that the love I am referring to is not only limited to romantic interests. Love is a universal concept that may exist in its purest form in any type of relationship. After all, it is said that the strongest bond of love is shared from a mother to her baby.

But do not get me wrong, although this love may exist in any type of relationship, the vast majority of people spend their entire lives without ever truly grasping or experiencing this phenomenon. And the reason is simple. Making yourself completely vulnerable to another entity is not an easy thing to do (to say the least). It requires an ocean of courage, faith and devotion. Human beings are notorious for being selfish creatures, so it goes against their very nature to put themselves in such a compromising state. So it is my belief that true, selfless, unconditional love is what could push people towards being something more than their nature currently defines them to be. True and complete selflessness through the path of love is the road towards divinity.

And that, to me, is a beautiful thing.

As aforementioned, love is a very debatable and controversial topic and I personally love a good philosophical discussion, so please feel free to share your views as well. I’m all ears!

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